13 Things You Should Always Tell Your Gynecologist


Going to your first gynecology visit can be intimidating, but after that first appointment, it becomes somewhat routine.

Some women become so comfortable with their gynecologists that they decide to use them as their primary physician.

Because gynecologists deal with such an intimate part of the body, they often work extra hard to make sure their patients are comfortable and at ease.

Despite this, many women feel awkward talking about what’s going on “down there.”

Although it can sometimes be uncomfortable to talk about your sexual habits, vaginal odors, or physical changes, it’s important for gynecologists to know everything in order to treat you properly.

Many women feel embarrassed about their vaginal health, but there’s nothing you can say or show your gynecologist that they haven’t already seen.

It’s easy to accidentally leave out some information when you’re talking to your gynecologist, but here are 13 things you should always make sure to tell them about!

What To Tell Your Gynecologist

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Every woman should have a gynecologist they feel comfortable talking to about anything — from sexual partners and strange bumps to pregnancy.

Talking to your gynecologist about even the “awkward” things is not only important to your sexual health but also to your overall health.

If you experience any of the following 13 things, you should be sure to tell your gynecologist about them at your next appointment.

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