12 Unproductive Habits Successful People Avoid


“I must govern the clock, not be governed by it.” – Golda Meir,

Ms. Golda Meir certainly knew how to “govern the clock,” taking over as Prime Minister during a turbulent time in the state of Israel’s history. The above quote concisely explains productivity using just eight words. (This writer fell in love with the quote soon as he read it.)

To be “successful” is not subject to society’s definitions, but your own; whether or not you achieve what you’ve set out to do. How we manage our time often determines whether we succeed in achieving our purpose.

Different as we are, we all have something in common: the number or hours, minutes, and seconds in a day (24, 1,440, 86,400, respectively). How we use this time is up to us – we can either leverage or waste it.

What choice will you make? Will you leverage the time as needed to fulfill your goals, or will you wander about aimlessly?

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