12 Health Warning Signs to Look for in Your FEET!

The body is an amazing thing. When something isn’t quite right, it has subtle ways of letting you know. It does this through a variety of mechanisms – one of which is your feet!

Knowing and understanding what your feet are trying to say about your health can help you become more in tune with your body, and address any issues.

Here are 12 warning signs your feet might be giving you to let you know that something is off.

1. Hairless Feet

If your feet are smooth with absolutely zero hair, you might think you’ve won the beauty lottery. But actually, that can be a sign of serious circulation problems.

It’s usually caused by a cardiovascular disease like arteriosclerosis; when your arteries become hardened, making your heart work harder to pump blood throughout your body.

Your heart goes into recovery mode and prioritizes certain vital areas of your body, sending reduced blood to extremities like your feet.

While you’ll definitely want to check in with your doctor in such a case, check out this post for some quick tips on improving your circulation.

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