11 symptoms of cancer in children and adolescents you need to know

For 40 years the biggest obstacle in curing childhood cancer has been late diagnosis; no one thinks his or her child has cancer. Furthermore, symptoms of cancer can be similar to many other childhood diseases, making it difficult to diagnose in time. However, the majority of children’s diseases (usually viruses) disappear between 7 and 10 days; but not when it comes to cancer.

You must remember that children are not small adults. Their physiology is different, so signs of cancer will also be different. But prevention of childhood cancer is rarely mentioned since many of the causes can’t be identified. There are a few risk factors – usually genetic predisposition and causes associated with virus infections – and there are less incidences of cancer in children than adults. Also, cure rates are higher for children than adults.

Pay attention to complaints of children and adolescents. Be aware if symptoms persist despite treatment.

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