11 Easy Ways To Improve Your Circulation

Written By PHIL MUTZ

We have all experienced poor circulation at some point in our lives, either through a foot or an arm falling asleep.

But I never knew that blood circulation problems can actually have a serious and significant impact upon our overall health.

Dr. Frank Veith spoke with Fox News at length about the seriousness involved.

According to Dr. Veith, symptoms of poor circulation can lead to muscle pain in the lower body, pain while you walk, constant tingling and numbness, and potentially even life- and limb-threatening conditions like gangrene.

Fortunately, just as there are simple ways to lower your cholesterol, there are also easy things you can do to ensure your body is getting the blood circulation that it needs.

In addition to seeing a doctor, these easy ideas are proven to help improve blood flow. Scroll through this exclusive list of ways to improve blood circulation below.

Will you be trying these simple ideas yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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