Bladder Cancer

10 Things Only Someone With A Leaky Bladder Understands

Life with Urinary Incontinence
If you’ve ever had that “uh-oh, I just peed a little” feeling, some of these thoughts will probably resonate with you.My bladder’s fallen and it can’t get up.
Sadly, there’s no LifeCall button for your bladder when it hits the floor—the pelvic floor, that is. Bladder prolapse, a leading cause of urinary incontinence, is a failure of your pelvic floor muscles to hold your bladder in place. When that sling of muscles and ligaments gets weak and gives way, the bladder can sag into the vagina. It can even drop through it. Well, hello there! The usual culprit for bladder prolapse is the strain and stress of childbirth, but heavy lifting, chronic cough, obesity, menopause, or constipation can play a role.Laughter is so not the best medicine.

18 million women live with urinary incontinence.

Yeah, Bridesmaids is hilarious, but if you have urinary incontinence (as 18 million women do), anything starring Kristin Wiig or Melissa McCarthy is just a bathroom accident waiting to happen. Laughing (or coughing, jumping, running, or anything that puts pressure on your tummy muscles) can cause the bladder to leak urine. It’s sometimes called stress urinary incontinence and really, there’s nothing funny about it.

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