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10 things I wish I could’ve told myself before having ostomy surgery


I remember being sat in a hospital bed alone aged 20 being told I was to have a ‘colostomy’, having no idea what it even meant.

What’s worse, is that on ‘surgery day’ it was changed to an ‘ileostomy’ which freaked me out even more.

I had no idea as to what either of these things were or what they would entail. Whether they’d be life-changing or whether they’d be painful. I didn’t have much information to me when I needed it most.

The scary thing is that this happens a lot – unless you know what one is or know where to look, you’re lost on advice and support.

People with ostomies need more information on their life-changing surgeries before it happens, so that we can be better prepared during recovery.

Here are 10 things I wish I could have told myself before ostomy surgery.

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