10 Surprising Ways Black Licorice Can Benefit Your Body And Mind


How do you feel about black licorice?

It’s one of those foods that inspires lots of strong opinions. Some people love it — I proudly count myself a fan — while others absolutely can’t stand it.

One thing remains true, though: almost nobody takes a neutral stance on black licorice!

But now, even folks who aren’t fond of the licorice might find some reasons to love its zippy flavor.

While too much of the good stuff isn’t necessarily beneficial to your health, it turns out that eating a few pieces a day might have a dramatically positive effect on your well-being.

That’s because licorice, which is derived from a kind of tree root, is packed with vitamins and nutrients that make your whole body healthier.

Of course, always keep in mind that it’s better to take Deglycyrrhizinated licorice, or DGL, as a supplement than it is to eat whole licorice (which can be toxic and cause high blood pressure) or licorice candy (which is usually not flavored with real licorice anyway.)

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