10 Signs Cancer May Be Growing In Your Body


It would be easier to detect cancer in our bodies if humans had an electronic sign that would light up when cancer may be growing in our bodies, but instead we have to be vigilant in finding it before it’s too late.

‘It’s not a tumor!’ Arnold Schwarzenegger said emphatically to the kindergartener who suggested this possibility when Arnold’s character mentions having a headache, but we will tell you about 10 signs that cancer might be growing in your body if you keep reading.

Headaches happen too often to always be a sign of a tumor, but some headaches may be worth a visit to the doctor for screening. We will look at headaches, and 10 signs that cancer may be growing in your body.


First, before we talk about the signs of cancer, let us be clear on what a sign is. When you have a sign, it is something that someone else can detect with their senses too. For example, a doctor could detect the shape of an irregular mole that could be cancerous.

A symptom is something that might not be visible. For example, if you have a headache, another person can’t see your headache. You can describe the pain, location, and intensity of it but the symptom is only felt by you.

If you are concerned about any physiological changes that you notice in your body, seek the help of a medical professional for further evaluation, diagnosis, and early treatment.

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