10 Health Conditions That Could Be Causing The Blood In Your Stools


Finding blood in your stool can be a bit freaky and embarrassing.

And while it may be a bit tricky to talk to anyone about something so personal, it’s important to pay attention to it, and seek medical attention if it happens.

Your bowel movements give important clues about what’s going on inside you, and the color and texture actually mean a lot when it comes to your health.

Blood in your stool definitely means that there is something amiss, and abnormal bleeding should never be ignored or looked over.

There are plenty of abnormalities or infections that can cause blood to appear in your stool, and they can be found from your rectum all the way up to your throat.

So the next time you see something is amiss when you look in the toilet, give your doctor a call, and remember the cases below — they could help you get a diagnosis and get treated a lot faster.

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