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10 Easy, All-Natural Tips For Managing An Overactive Bladder


One of the most anxiety-inducing feelings in the world is when you really have to pee. It’s something everyone can relate to.

Maybe it was on a long car ride, or while waiting in line. It’s pretty awful, but for the most part, most people can fight through it until they can dash into the nearest bathroom.

But some people feel this way a little too often for their liking. In fact, as many as 27 percent of men and 43 percent of women report that they feel the urge to go so often that it negatively affects their lives, cutting into their jobs, home life, and time with friends and family.

The term is “overactive bladder,” and while accidentally peeing is kind of funny when you’re a newborn posing for a tender family photo shoot, it’s considerably less charming when you’re older. It’s embarrassing, and the worry about it potentially happening can ruin your whole day, too.

Luckily, there are steps you can take if you think your bladder might be overactive, and for the most part, they’re very simple steps that you can do right at home.

And if you think you have an overactive bladder, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. It’s something that happens to millions of people, and the more it’s talked about, the more people living with an overactive bladder can take back their lives!

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