10 Diseases That Can Be Cured By Making Love Everyday, No.6 Will Surprise You!

10 Diseases That Can Be Cured By Making Love Everyday

When making love , our body gets many good benefits and it makes our health better. You have probably heard this, but do you know what kind of conditions and diseases can you cure with having more intimate relationships?

So, in this article, we list 10 diseases which are treated by making love more. Your physical and mental health will both be improved.

Here’s the list of benefits:

By having more intimate relationships, your heart’s function will be improved. Many studies have proven that the risk of heart attack is decreased with this.

If you suffer from headaches constantly, look for no other cure. Having s*x relaxes our mind, since it releases oxytocin, while increasing endorphins.

Practicing it will increase your self-esteem and confidence.

Since we get relaxed, it’s easier to fall asleep and battle insomnia.

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